Hibbs Awning Company, Inc.

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History Of Hibbs Awning Company, Inc.

Hibbs Awnings Co., Inc. is owned and operated by Richard E. Piper Jr. and his wife Kristin Piper. Hibbs Awning has been in business since 1890. Rick and Kristin became the fifth generation owner and operators of Hibbs Awning on October 23rd, 2014. Rick and Kristin work diligently to manage the business. Hibbs Awning is recognized as state-of-the-art technology among the awning industry. We offer aluminum and fabric awnings, which are manufactured, maintained, and stored onsite.

In 2007, Hibbs purchased the former Cardello Electric building at 63 East Fayette Street, which is where Hibbs Awning resides today, with over 18,000 square feet and seven employees. The additional space has allowed for exponential growth and a personal touch has been added to every square foot of the building. The vertical Nite-Lite banners that line the front of the building made an impact on Tri Vantage, an international company, who featured Hibbs Awning on the front of their Nite-Lite sample cards.

The Phillocraft tables at every station are crafted with a special material that allows vinyl and fabrics to glide over them. Interspersed among the massive work tables are rotary cutters, fabric welders, a foot-pedal operated grommet installer, an antique dresser, and several sewing machines. The shop is laid out in such a way that from each sewing machine, workers can view every other station including the back delivery door.

In the spring, we spend about two months servicing existing customers in addition to installing newly customized awnings throughout the summer. In the fall, we work diligently to remove residential awnings and prepare them for storage. Our storage area is lined with shelving units that hold some 700 plus awnings from the area's finest homes. With this in mind, we operate a dehumidifier 24 hours a day to preserve our customer's products. During the spring and fall seasons, we work roughly 60 hours per week to keep up with the demands of our customers. During the winter months, we repair awnings that we have in storage and make new awnings for the spring.

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